Ronnie and Jessica Madonna Inn

This is by the far the most awesomest awesomest wedding ever in existence! Did I say awesome?! This is how awesome this couple is they invited us to go bowling with them at Pismo Bowl the night before of course we went! Unfortunately me and richard got schooled by them but oh well(Pretty sure we had the lowest score in the whole bowling alley)! We also didn’t get all the shots we wanted at the wedding so they are coming down in a few weeks to reshoot in the same outfits makeup etc! So keep an eye on this post it will be updated in a few weeks.Anyways it was a rockabilly themed wedding held at the Madonna Inn oh and I forgot to say that ELVIS married them. Words can not describe how awesome it was that is why I have photos! Thank you so much Ronnie and Jessica for letting me shoot such an awesome wedding! Not only was it the best wedding I have ever been to but I also made two new awesome friends! Ronnie and Jessica = EPIC
You aint nothing but a hound dog

Its a circle

Thank you very much!


~ by tomfowlerphotography on June 21, 2009.

5 Responses to “Ronnie and Jessica Madonna Inn”

  1. we definitely were even lower than the little kids next to us. next time we are getting bumpers!

  2. Hey Photographer Tom, I cannot wait to see the rest of the pics. These are fantastic. Thanks for taking such cool pics of my daughters wedding! It was a hoot and a holler!

  3. Hey guys…these photos look awesome…its just a little teaser to how much fun it was…can’t wait to see the rest of the shots…

  4. no tom..

    you + rich = epic!!!

    you guys were & are amazing, and we can’t wait to see more!

    we’re so stoked that we also gained two friends out of this experience! 🙂

    drinks on us oh so soon!

  5. I have to know where they found ELVIS to marry them!!! This is great! If anyone has ‘Elvis” contact info please email me @! This is such a great wedding and GREAT pictures!

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