I shoot anything.
Everything is beautiful in someway or another.
I can bench press 150 gallons.
There isn’t anything else in the world that I’d rather do than take photos.
I like to call people broseph alot!
I don’t take myself to seriously.
I think unicorns and minotaurs are real!
I say “in bed” after I read fortune cookies.
Sometimes I talk like a robot.


2 Responses to “Me”

  1. hey douchebag! i heart you.

  2. Hey Tom,
    Heard about you from Daniele Ferraro and like your work. I am a makeup artist and am currently also trying to build my portfolio of all sorts of work (headshots, bridal, beauty, etc) So I was wondering if you’d like to perhaps work together or maybe refer me to some of your clients.

    I do have a rate but would consider pro bono depending on the nature of the work.

    I’ve done makeup on feature films, short films, web based content, and also work on bridal, lots of headshot, and some beauty/editorial.

    If you are interested, please email me and we can chat more about it!

    Thanks so much,

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