Just some more random stuff

I was shooting Natalia and Bobby Lee rolled up on us and yes his name is like Bruce and Brandon.Bobby called himself a super hero evil villan, While I was shooting him he explained his skateboard was red kryptonite and his bike was called purple dragon. He said he had been in and out of jail and while serving his time he fought Batman, Superman, and The Joker. He said Batman was to rich so he gets all the chicks and its not fair to all the other super heros. He said Superman wasn’t so tough without his suit on and The Joker was way to crazy to be fighting. He told us how he was married and how he had 7 children he had to raise before he got divorced. He told us many more things about his life and his philosophy check him out he’s awesome!
Bobby Lee
Bobby Lee
Bobby Lee
Natalia Trigueros


~ by tomfowlerphotography on October 6, 2009.

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