In the beginning…………..

I can’t believe it has been a full three years since I started on the road to be a photographer. I thought that it is a new year and what better way to start this year than a reflection of my past and a look into how this all got started. After graduating from high school I decided to take a black and white photography class. It was a very good class, I would highly recommend it. In the class my teacher pushed me outside of my comfort level, which I didn’t like at the time, but my teacher knew what he was doing. This class set the foundations for what would grow into an absolute passion. This is from my photography class these are some of the very first pictures I took. kid-in-slide4horse3

After the course I put down the camera because I wasn’t really interested in photography at the time. I was busy working and doing other things. During the summer time I decided to take a trip up to Santa Cruz and visit my good friend Jake. I dusted off the old camera and went on my way. I had some free time to kill because Jake was busy, which turned out to be a good thing. I shot the whole time without any inhibition; my goal was to document and try to take a piece of Santa Cruz back home with me. When I developed the film I was really surprised with how accurately I took my photos, because to me they looked and felt like Santa Cruz.l_65b36349478d3373eb69ad3fc54153d21l_5a15ad60c6ac7883d3130b0e75f915b8l_3f1ea69ab476f2d278544e21d12845021

After seeing those rolls of film I was bit by the bug, I couldn’t stop shooting. I shot everything and anything I could get my eyes on. For my 20thbirthday my wonderful girlfriend, Molly, gave me a digital camera (canon XTI) and oh man the shooting was on thereafter. I began to shoot even more because I didn’t have to actually develop the film, I could see my mistakes within seconds. Through my shooting, I met one of my really good friends Richard Fusillo ,who is an amazing photographer. We ended up shooting together almost every night; we would just scope out a place and shoot it at night. I learned a lot about photography during those shoots, not only about composition, but also exposure and how to take a picture. After a long time of shooting places or objects, I really wanted to shoot people. There is so much more you can do when you’re shooting people. I decided to shoot one of my friend’s band, Ecco, that was just starting out. They have developed into such an amazing band, it’s been a honor to watch them grow musically. And yes their band is named after the dolphin. This is Ecco’s main promo shot on their website.l_b4a2ce974590fca5ec0ca4eab7f1e1df

I started shooting promotional shots for them more often and many people saw these pictures through MySpace and liked them so much they wanted me to shoot them. I decided to shoot Ecco live, it was such an amazing experience, because I love music and seeing my friends accomplishing their goals is so inspiring to me. Through Ecco I met so many other bands and they allowed me to shoot them, bands like New Tomorrow and Nothing Ever Stays . These are two very talented bands, you should check them out. Both bands used my photographs once for a flyer for a show- I was so stoked. New Tomorrow is the one on top,  they are playing live at Downtown Brew in San Luis Obispo and the bottom picture is Nothing Ever Stays which was shot in Morro Bay on the marsh.2388607171_3934443d17_o


After photographing a few bands I was ready for a new challenge, so I decided to take on a wedding. And I….. wait for it…… it! I felt lucky being able to capture two people in love, devoting themselves to each other in front of all their friends and family. There really isn’t anything else out there that you can shoot that is like that. After my first wedding I wanted to do more weddings and more and more! I shot two more weddings and loved every minute of it. Thus it brings us to where I am now, in a nutshell.anthon0029


I would just like to finish this by saying I am so grateful for everything I have: my amazing and talented friends and family and my beautiful and loving girlfriend that pushes me and supports me in what I do and never lets me settle for anything less than my best. I am so grateful for God giving me this time on this earth to offer my talents and gifts, He has blessed me with, to everyone else. During this last year He has taught me to be patient. Sometimes the answers I am looking for aren’t the easiest answers, but He will reveal them to me when He decides I am ready. All I need to do is have faith.


~ by tomfowlerphotography on January 4, 2009.

4 Responses to “In the beginning…………..”

  1. Looking good my friend! Keep up the good work and you’ll have a bright future I have no doubt!

  2. Hi Unkal tOm,

    I luv Ur K00L Website! Thanx 4 puttin’ Me on it! I NeVeR new i l0oked so CutE. Ha Ha HA! SorrY my pareNts R 2 cheep to PaY u. U r a veRy gud fototaker, tho!


    uR Favorit Nefew – NoAh

  3. Nice job Tom. It looks like you are on your way.
    Good luck to you. And I would keep that great girlfriend around.
    Beans here whenever you need them.
    Love you.

  4. Tom Fowler!!! I am so incredibly proud of you!!! You are amazing!!! You have been through so much, and yet you have found your way. I love you.

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